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Founded in 1992, Equal Limited is a leader in premium building and decorative materials. As the exclusive Hong Kong and Macau representation for Boen, Adler, Mafi and STP among other leading European wooden flooring manufacturers, Equal Limited is guided by the relentless pursuit of quality and customer service excellence. Through the years, Equal Limited has garnered a wealth of experience in providing premium decorative materials.

Taking our expertise we have developed over decades of design and countless projects, Equal Limited launched Equal Plus in 2008 with a passion to transform humble kitchen space into a living space that’s at the heart of the home.

Equal Plus is the exclusive Hong Kong representative for Binova, an Italian kitchen brand with 60 years of experience. Every Binova cabinet is crafted by artisans in Italy, a testament to the firm’s family origins. Since 2008, we have collaborated with Binova in providing kitchen solutions to private residences as well as and large-scale development projects. Signature development projects include Vanke’s Le Pont. Cheung Kong’s Zurumud, Hysan’s Bamboo Grove, to name a few.

Equal Plus is committed to deliver the best lifestyle solutions for luxury modern living, through engaging customer service and tailored experience for every client. From our product offerings to our customers, our passion for details and craftsmanship drives all our partnerships; whether it’s working with our valued clients, or as trusted representative of our brands.

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