Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are your kitchens made?

    Our kitchen cabinets are made in Italy in Rosetto, Abruzzo region.

  • How long does it take to produce the kitchen?

    Depending on the finish, it takes around 6-8 weeks production lead time to make the kitchen.

  • How long does it take to install a kitchen?

    This depends on the size of the kitchen. But once the kitchen cabinets arrived at the site, it takes around 3-7 days to install the cabinets, and another 7 days to measure and install the kitchen countertop.

  • Do you also supply kitchen countertop?

    Yes. We contract local suppliers to install kitchen countertops.

  • What kind of kitchen cabinet finishing options do you provide?

    We have a range of kitchen cabinet finishes, including matt/gloss lacquer, wood veneer, laminate, Fenix, glass, ceramics, and more that are all made in Italy. Feel free to contact our sales team for catalogues or samples.

  • Can I customize the finishes and colours of the kitchen cabinet?

    Yes absolutely. Besides the standard colour, we can achieve any colour for matt/gloss lacquer from the RAL Colour chart.

  • I am a homeowner; can I order kitchens from you?

    Yes of course. We work closely with our homeowners to achieve their dream kitchen at every turn.

  • Do you supply kitchen appliances?

    Yes, we do. We work with most of the leading kitchen appliance brands in Hong Kong. If you have specific appliances you would like to install in the kitchen, our technical manager will work with you and the appliance supplier to find the best solution.

  • Please bring me through the design and installation process of a fully functional kitchen.

    Stage 1: First consultation arranged with client to understand their needs, the style they want to achieve for their kitchen and to get a basic understanding of the space we are working with. After our first meeting, we go over possible layouts and styles and we deliver an approximate budget for the kitchen.

    Stage 2: After the initial consultation, we visit the project site to take measurements to ensure every kitchen is tailor-made to your space. With our experience and technical know-how, we will create a unique kitchen proposal. By delivering technical drawings, we walk you through the entire layout and design. Once the design is finalized, we will present a final quote for your project.

    Stage 3: Once the production of the kitchen cabinets is completed, they will be delivered to the site. We inspect the product during delivery to ensure the cabinets are free of damage and that all components were produced according to plan. Once all cabinets are inspected, our team of kitchen installers will start putting together the kitchen.

  • Do you contract local kitchen installers?

    Yes, we do! Our team of kitchen installers are experienced and have a deep understanding of our cabinets to make sure the kitchen is seamlessly and securely fitted out.

  • Do you provide technical and E&M kitchen drawings for every job?

    Yes, we do. We work closely with the site’s main contractor to make sure all the electric components of the kitchen are securely and correctly installed before kitchen installation.

  • Apart from kitchens, do you supply other furnishing and decorative products?

    Yes, we do. We carry a switch plate brand from Britain and a range of Italian and Japanese furniture in our showroom. Please contact our sales for a catalogue.

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