BOEN Chalet Oak Traditional Oiled Plank
Adler Walnut Oiled Plank Stairstep
STP Walnut Natural Morisco
STP Oak Dekape Polar Chevron
Hakwood Oak Drift DuoVarnih Plank
Trapa Oak Lugano Brushed Oiled Rhombus Pattern
Trapa Oak Storico Arezzo Brushed Oiled Plank
Trapa Oak Livorno Brushed Oiled Plank
Mafi Beech Vulcano Fresco Arco Milled and Natural Oiled Plank
Hain Smoked Oak Maoccabrown Oiled Brushed Plank

Beautiful Hardwood Flooring Crafted in Europe

With over 30 years of experience in providing premium decorative materials in Hong Kong & Macau, Equal has worked with the city's leading developers, architects and designers as well as private home owners in providing best-in-class flooring solutions. Our experienced and specialized sales team is committed to providing exceptional client experiences to transform your home into a work of art.
Binova Kitchen - Scava
Binova Kitchen - Bluna
Binova Kitchen - Bluna
Binova Kitchen - Scava
Binova Kitchen - Mantis
Binova Kitchen - Vogue
Binova Kitchen - Scava
Binova Kitchen - Bluna

Italian-made Kitchen - Built to Last

Every Binova cabinet is crafted by artisans in Italy, a testament to the firm’s family origins. Binova expects its kitchens to work faultlessly for decades after installation. So from our drawer runners to door hinges, we build our kitchens to last. Binova aims for unsurpassed quality in every detail, down to the smooth, seamless hand-finish on doors and surfaces.
About Us
Founded in 1992, Equal is committed to deliver the best lifestyle solutions for luxury modern living through engaging customer service and tailored experience for every client. From product offerings to customer service, our passion for details and craftsmanship drives all our partnerships; whether it’s working with our valued clients, or as trusted representative of our brands.
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