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Discover the timeless sophistication of premium wooden flooring in Hong Kong

Our Wooden Flooring Brands

As the exclusive Hong Kong and Macau agent for BOEN, Adler, Mafi and STP, Equal Limited works with the best wooden flooring manufacturers in Europe. At Equal, we take extra steps in making sure all of our wooden floorings are safe for our customers. All of our floorings are free of harmful substances and are certified by E1 emission standards. With so many different types of woods and designs alongside a plethora of reference projects for you to look through, we can help connect you with the right flooring manufacturers and bring your ideal flooring to Hong Kong. Discover your perfect flooring solution and get a quotation today.

Hong Kong’s Leading Wooden Flooring Company

Since 1992, Equal Limited has supplied over 1 million sq.m. of wooden flooring in Hong Kong & Macau. As the number one wooden flooring company here in Hong Kong, we are guided by the relentless pursuit of quality and customer service excellence. Different types of wood can have vastly different aesthetic properties and react differently to the environment. Many kinds of wood may change colour over time, and different formats can drastically change the spatial ambience. If you’re still unsure about what you want, our team of specialists can help you weigh up the pros and cons depending on your individual needs. Find your new ideal wooden flooring, get a quotation, and have it custom-made to your exact specifications with Equal HK.

Project Reference

From property developer clients, architects, and interior designers to private homeowners, Equal Limited is committed to providing best-in-class engineered wooden flooring to every customer in Hong Kong. With 30 years of experience and meticulous after-sale service, our European-made wooden flooring is the perfect design choice for premium decorative themes and projects. Come to us with any flooring ideas, design specifications or project requirements you may have, and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.
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Wooden Floor Maintenance & Installation in Hong Kong

Choosing the perfect solid wooden flooring for your home can be an overwhelming task. At Equal, we will make the search and the installation of your ideal floor as simple as possible. From choosing the perfect type of wood for your home, to developing a design layout as well as completing the installation and maintenance, we make sure we are there every step of the process. Using our products page, you can easily browse through the different types of wooden flooring we offer and sort them according to brand, wood, colour, format, and finish. Figure out exactly what type of flooring you want, then go ahead and contact us through email, phone or in person at one of our HK flooring showrooms for a quotation.

In terms of maintenance, engineered wooden flooring in Hong Kong can last decades if looked after properly. If you take precautions like keeping sand and dirt outside, putting protective pads on furniture and making sure any liquid spillages are quickly wiped up then your wooden floor can look pristine for years to come. Find out more about wooden floor maintenance here.

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