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Every Binova kitchen is built to order. Our kitchen specialist starts with understanding the space and the client’s needs. Everything from the home, tastes and way of life of each client is considered before our team puts together a comprehensive design proposal.

Upon approval, we begin with technical, mechanical and electrical drawings, precise measurements and walking you through all the smallest details. It is after this stage that we begin to create the kitchen: Every kitchen cabinet, drawer and worktop is designed and built to the precise dimensions of the customer's home at Binova’s factory in Italy, right down to the last millimeter of space. That’s why every Binova kitchen is as individual as our customers are.

We have six different Binova kitchen collections which distinctly sum up our design aesthetic. Each has their own unique features and characteristics which, when co-inspired with the client’s own kitchen space, can work to create something that perfectly suits their needs and desires. Meticulously designed for the space and the people who will use it, each kitchen cabinet, drawer and top has gone through countless hours of design work. Above all, our kitchens are made to be not only functional and a joy to use, but a key design aesthetic complementing your whole house in Hong Kong.


Characterized by its distinct aluminum side profiles and slim anodized aluminum feet, Regula is ideal for those who prefer a bold yet light look.


With interchangeable vertical handles, Vogue is perfect for anyone looking for a concealed, sleek kitchen with earthy tones.


The perfect merger between function and aesthetics, Scava kitchens feature handles carved into solid wood kitchen cabinets and a keen attention to detail.


Featuring clean blacks and elegant aesthetics, Bluna kitchens make a statement with their adaptable and graceful countertops, kitchen cabinets and more that come in lacquer, veneer and stainless-steel designs.


With a tall and strong design aesthetic, Mantis kitchens are made with thinner door panels and a honeycomb aluminum core.


Defined by panels housed in anodized aluminum frames, Vesta kitchens are made for a truly functional yet sleek kitchen experience.

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