Stair Nosing

Stairs are an essential part of every building. Aside from the very basic function of transporting you to different levels in your home, they serve the purpose of aesthetics, safety, and convenience. A deceptively simple concept, stairs require a lot of design requirements to provide the best fit for your home. Stairs can be finished in the same appearance as the floor, and stair nosing is the horizontal, protruding edge of a stair where most foot traffic frequently occurs. Stair nosing is an essential component for joining tread and riser and ensuring your stairs are safe to use when travelling up and down them.

Choice of stair nosing for wooden floor

Wooden stair nosing goes amazingly well with staircases that have been fitted with engineered wood flooring. Ranging from different wood species such as Oak, Walnut, Ash, Maple, etc. wooden stair nosing can be made from solid or engineered wood and is available with different profiles and designs. It gives an attractive finish to your stairs by covering the exposed edges of the floor and provides an overlapped finish which helps in minimizing any tripping hazards. Ultimately, wooden stair nosing ensures that your floor and nosing create a seamless transition when you move up and down the stairs.

Discover the perfect match to your wood flooring with wood stair nosing made from BOEN parquet


Open stairs

Modern, light and sophisticatedly elegant, open stairs make an eye-catching element that can elevate any interior. With the help of hardwood flooring, you can take the ambience of your home to the next level by enhancing the natural warmth with BOEN’s wooden stair nosing.

Classic stairs

For those who prefer a classic style, traditional wooden stairs can elevate a room with their rustic look and charm. Stair nosing can help elevate your overall look and add a layer of depth to your interior design.

For stairs that require higher safety features:

BOEN stair noses can be made with a built-in grooved tread that helps guide each step and provide extra safety.

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