HD Mineral Core® Floor

Follow us to explore Arbiton, an European brand belonging to renowned floor expert Decora S.A. Group, who believes in a combination of technology, innovation and design to create high-quality and modern flooring solutions. Featuring their Amaron HD Mineral Core®, a floor collection that is designed by European A.Design Studio is the best exemplar of Arbiton’s visions in beautiful and practical flooring solutions.

Arbiton’s laboratories discovered an innovative combination of natural rock minerals and advanced polymers. By carefully combined proportions, HD Mineral Core® ensures maximum performance of the floor, as well as free of phthalates and harmful plasticizers.

With the use of the EIR (embossed in register) technology, it allows a more natural impression of flooring in perfect resemblance of wooden boards. You will find a minimum of 10 different planks in each colour without repetition of grains and knots. To stay on-trend, Herringbone floor, Oak inspired master and matt finish options are also available for customers.

Arbiton’s floors are 100% waterproof and silent. What’s more, the floors could go together with Arbiton’s Anti-scratch technology – Titanium Nano Layer, to protect the panels and secure them against micro scratches that can occur in the regular lifespan of use. The combination of HD Mineral Core® and Anti-scratch protection guarantees a beautiful floor for many years.

The Amaron floors are all made in Europe, with a wide range of choices, add-ons and combinations.


Arbiton Amaron Wood Design HD Mineral Core®Floor
Arbiton HD Mineral Core
Arbiton AntiScratch Titanium NanoLayer
Amaron Wood Yankee Oak
Amaron Wood Tampa Oak
Amaron Wood Menor Oak
Amaron Wood Rochester Oak
Amaron Wood Johnnes Oak
Amaron Wood Sierra Oak
Amaron Wood Alaskan Oak
Amaron Wood Empire Oak
Amaron Wood Georgetown Oak
Amaron Wood Cornel Oak
Amaron Wood Princeton Oak
Amaron Wood Virgin Oak
Amaron Wood Mattari Oak
Amaron Wood Montana Oak
Amaron Herringbone Dearwood Oak
Amaron Herringbone Stamford Oak
Amaron Herringbone Yankee Oak
Amaron Herringbone Medicci Oak
Amaron Herringbone Hayworth Oak
Amaron Herringbone Windsor Oak
Amaron Herringbone Wembley Oak
Amaron Herringbone Georgetown Oak
Amaron Herringbone Preston Oak
Amaron Herringbone Harlow Oak

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