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With deep roots stretching back to as early as 1641, BOEN has since devoted itself to high tech engineered wooden flooring production. With products being sold in more than 50 countries, BOEN is the leading manufacturing brand of wooden parquet floorings of high quality and advanced technology. Over the years, they have even become one of Europe’s largest hardwood flooring manufacturers, expanding their presence overseas customer by customer.


BOEN flooring can last for years to come

If you’re looking to get durable wooden flooring that can last for decades, BOEN is a great option for you. If you take proper care of it, BOEN’s wood flooring is extremely durable. Find more information about how to maintain your wooden flooring here.

BOEN’s engineered floor planks feature a three-ply construction. Each plank contains a hardwood layer on top, vertical grain staves in the middle, and a bottom layer of single-ply spruce. This construction gives the planks sufficient stability to make them more resistant than solid wood planks to excessive expansion and contraction resulting from temperature and moisture changes in the environment. This is something especially useful in a country like Hong Kong where the humidity levels can get particularly high.

Not to mention, BOEN has made strides in trying to become a sustainable company and are keenly aware of the impacts of their flooring on the environment. They have set up a Sustainability Committee to drive this so you can be sure as a customer that not only is your wooden flooring of a high standard and built to last, but that it has had a minimal environmental impact.

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BOEN Chalet Oak Oiled Plank
BOEN Chalet Oak Traditional Oiled Plank
BOEN Chaletino Oak White Oiled Plank
BOEN Maxi Oak Matt Herringbone Plank
BOEN Oak Arizona Matt Plank
BOEN Oak Castle Live Pure Ginger Brown Brushed Plank
BOEN Oak Castle Live Pure India Grey Brushed Plank
BOEN Oak Castle Live Pure Warm Grey Brushed Plank
BOEN Oak Castle White Oiled Plank
BOEN Oak Oiled Plank
BOEN Oak Sand Brushed and Oiled Plank
BOEN Oak Smoked Live Pure Brushed Plank
BOEN Oak White Oiled Plank
BOEN Oak White Pure Castle Brushed Plank
BOEN Prestige Oak Matt White Herringbone
BOEN Prestige Oak White Oiled Herringbone
BOEN Walnut Live Pure Brushed Plank

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