Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the origin of your wood flooring?

    All our wood floorings are 100% manufactured in Europe.
    Check out our brand page for more information.

  • What are the things to consider when choosing your floor?

    1. Style and design
    2. Needs and practicality
    3. Wood color/species
    4. Budget
    5. Size and pattern
    6. Wood surface finish
    7. A trusted brand and reliable supplier

    Contact our sales team for a thorough guide.

  • What is the difference between engineered wooden floor and laminate floor?

    Engineered wooden floor is totally different to laminate floor.

    Engineered flooring contains a slice of natural wood on top (around 3-6mm). Its quality construction makes it durable and gives it high-performance qualities. It is made with multiple layers of wood, such as spruce, plywood or solid wood, and each layer is positioned in a different direction to increase its strength. Its stable structure means that it is much more resistant to expansion and contraction in comparison to solid wood when put under temperature and moisture fluctuations. The top layer is coated with lacquer or natural oil.
    Wooden floors fill us with a warm and comfortable feeling when we walk on it. You get a floor that is vibrant, natural and unique because no two parquet floors are alike.

    Laminate flooring is a synthetic floor made with a photographic plastic film and melamine film pressed on top of high-density fiberboard. The photographic film gives the impression of a wooden floor, but since it’s not a natural material, the wood pattern will repeat itself. Laminate flooring is also called a “floating floor” because it isn’t fastened directly to a subfloor. Instead, individual planks snap together to create tight seams and are then put down over a thin underlayment pad. Laminate flooring is moderately moisture-resistant, extremely durable and resistant to scratches and dents but may chip.

  • Are your floors free of formaldehyde?

    Yes. Our wooden floors are kept under E1 emission standard.

  • Can you provide FSC certificate for your timber flooring?

    Yes. We can provide timber flooring with FSC certificate for a series of products. Please consult our flooring specialist for more details.

  • Do you offer free wood samples?

    Yes. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with samples.

  • What is the delivery lead time for wooden flooring?

    Delivery times are subject to stock availability. In general, we keep stock of some popular items in Hong Kong, 1 week delivery lead time after order confirmation and payment.
    For delivery lead time of indent products, please consult our sales team.

  • Do you offer flooring installation service?

    Yes, we do. We have a professional installation team that who has a deep understanding of our products and has 30 years of wooden flooring installation experience in Hong Kong.

  • How do I install engineered flooring?

    By nailing face floor with plywood backing on concrete floor. Plastic and asphalt sheets are placed between plywood backing and concrete floor as moisture barrier. The alternative is using a directly glued down method that fixes the floor with professional flooring adhesive on the subfloor.

  • How long does it take to install wood flooring?

    In general, for 50 to 80m2 residential unit, 5-7 working days is required. But this is subject to site condition.

  • Can engineered timber flooring be installed with underfloor heating system?

    Yes. Hardwood has high thermal conductivity and is ideally suited to laying on underfloor heating. For details, please consult our flooring specialist.

  • Do you offer any after sale service?

    Yes. We provide cleaning and maintenance products for wood flooring. We also offer professional cleaning, polishing, maintenance and repairing services.

  • What are five ways to maintain your wooden floor?

    1. Keep gravel and sand outside…
    2. Put protective pads on furniture…
    3. Wipe away liquid spills immediately…
    4. Keep the floor clean…
    5. Regular care with appropriate maintenance products

    Click here for more floor maintenance information.

  • What is the best way to clean your wood flooring?

    Dry cleaning is the best way to clean your wood floors, rather than wet cleaning. Sweep away dust and dirt on a daily basis. You can also use a vacuum cleaner but make sure that you have the correct attachment for a wooden floor.
    Suitable floor cleaners can be used to enhance cleaning effect, but please consult your flooring supplier first.

    Click here for more floor maintenance information.

  • Will engineered flooring show color variation?

    Yes, with a real hardwood timber surface, each high-quality engineered timber floorboard features knots and color variation that provide authentic visual appeal. Wood is a product of nature. Each tree has its own structure and individual color combination. Small sample of wood is therefore not representative alone to give a complete picture of the finish floor.

  • Will the timber floor change color when exposed to sunlight?

    Incoming sun, particularly UV rays, lead to a natural change in the tone of the wood color over time. Depending on the type of wood and treatment of this wood your parquet flooring may become darker or lighter. In strong light, for example through floor-to-ceiling windows, the effect may also be partial. Remember that if you remove your carpets or furniture after some time it is possible that your parquet flooring will have changed color in the areas that were not covered.

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