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Find Your Quality Hardwood Flooring

Finding the right hardwood flooring in Hong Kong can be challenging since various styles are available. Among the most popular and frequently used options is, no doubt, engineered hardwood flooring. Choices of wood colors are diverse, ranging from Ash to Walnut and more, each with varying prices. All of these make your selection process more overwhelming. As a professional hardwood supplier, Equal Limited offers the best recommendations and solutions for your flooring needs.....

Hong Kong’s Leading Dealer of High-End European Hardwood Flooring Brands

Are you looking for premium hardwood flooring? Equal Limited is a leading dealer in Hong Kong and Macau for numerous top-tier European hardwood flooring brands, including BOEN’S engineered hardwood flooring collection. We offer a complete range of products, from lacquered Oak flooring, natural oil Oak flooring, and Ash planks, to dark Walnut planks. Simply pick your preferred brand, wood type, color, design, and protective layers to kick-start your flooring project. With over 30 years of experience providing quality imported European hardwood flooring and excellent after-sales services, Equal is your ideal choice. Explore our diverse offerings to find the perfect flooring for your home, office, or any indoor setting in Hong Kong – all at reasonable prices.

Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is designed with a top layer of real wood combined with several layers of plywood or spruce, pressed according to the wood patterns. This provides the natural texture of hardwood flooring and a moderate hardness level, offering warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Apart from replicating the appearance of real timber, engineered hardwood flooring also boasts a slew of functional benefits. Due to the cross-grain arrangement of each layer, it counteracts potential warping or distortion caused by climatic changes, which is a common issue with hardwood flooring. This structure offers more stability and, coupled with generally lower prices than solid hardwood, it makes engineered hardwood flooring a popular alternative.

Our Professional Flooring Installation Team

Equal Limited boasts a team of top-notch flooring installers to ensure stress-free after-sales handling and installation for any type of flooring you choose. Our team is also happy to answer any queries regarding hardwood flooring. Our imported European flooring brands are durable, high-quality, and easy to maintain. By following our maintenance guide, you can keep your flooring in good condition for many years.


What is the difference between hardwood flooring & engineered hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring, also known as solid wood flooring, is made of real timber all the way through. It is treasured by its distinctive qualities such as natural wood aesthetics and textures, long lifespan, warmth underfoot, etc. Similar in look and qualities to hardwood, engineered wood flooring is backed by a dense plywood or spruce core instead of a single hardwood plank. It is more resistant to moisture yet not entirely waterproof compared to solid wood flooring.

Which hardwood flooring option is the most suitable for my home or workplace?

Different woods have different features that bring a certain feeling or ambiance into your space. For instance, Walnut hardwood planks are often much darker in color and have tones that vary among dark brown, light brown and reddish brown, giving a rich and inviting tone. They come in long and full-grain aesthetics with irregular swirls and curves. Hence, your flooring options highly depend on your space's interior design and functionality.

In contrast, engineered wood flooring is durable, cozy, and warm to walk on. It is also easy to maintain and is well-equipped to handle Hong Kong's humid climate. If you keep dirt outside the house, clean spillages, and give it the care it needs, engineered wooden floors can last for years to come compared to hardwood flooring.

Do you offer installation services for hardwood flooring?

Yes. We offer one-stop flooring services, from consultation, planning, and design, to installation. Before your hardwood flooring is installed, our specialists will liaise with the fitting-out contractor for site inspection, installation details, delivery, and working schedule to ensure all parties are on the same page.

Recommended Hardwood Flooring Brands & Styles

To learn more about the prices of various imported European hardwood flooring, you can click on the "View More" button next to your preferred style below to get the latest quotations.

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