No two Equal Plus kitchens are the same. Painstakingly crafted to down to the last millimetre, our kitchens are designed to suit the individual needs of every customer whether you need more cabinets and drawers, a larger sink or just larger surfaces.  Custom-made for your home in Hong Kong, Binova kitchens feature timeless designs and unadulterated functionality. No matter your needs and specifications, we can help you design and install a high quality, functional and beautiful modern kitchen to your liking through our partnership with Binova.

3 steps from start to finish.

Getting your custom-made kitchen in Hong Kong with Equal Plus consists of 3 stages of which we will assist you with along the journey. First, we take time to understand our client’s needs. We will consult you with various designs, layouts and materials that complement each other to create a seamlessly operating kitchen. If you have your own ideas, we are happy to work with you to make it happen. Once we have the initial idea from you, we’ll start work on the planning and design before putting the kitchen into production in Italy. Once production is done, our experienced kitchen fit-out team will install the custom-made kitchen.

The materials are carefully selected for their unique qualities and aesthetics. From laminate, lacquer and stainless steel to glass, Binova kitchens are made to stand the test of time whilst catering to your personal taste. At Equal Plus, we believe that you should not have to make a compromise between function and aesthetics. Rather, they should go hand in hand.

Quality Italian kitchen design for your Hong Kong home

Binova kitchens are prime examples of quality and meticulous Italian design that can make a huge aesthetic difference to your home. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and quality, these Italian-made kitchens are designed and made in the Abruzzo region before being installed in Hong Kong and across the world.

Our Italian made kitchens come in 6 different collections. Beyond the characteristics of each collection, every part of your Binova kitchen will be custom-made in Italy to your exact specifications.

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