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Buying Guide and Precautions for SPC Flooring


SPC flooring has become very popular recently, boasting numerous advantages such as being economical, highly waterproof, durable, wear-resistant, and easy to install. As a result, an increasing number of people are choosing SPC flooring as their preferred flooring material. However, when purchasing SPC flooring, it is necessary to consider certain factors to ensure the acquisition of a high-quality product. This article offers strategies and precautions for purchasing SPC flooring, aiding you in making an informed decision.

Arbiton Amaron Menor Oak

What is SPC Flooring?

SPC flooring is a revolutionary flooring material composed of Stone Plastic Composite. It closely resembles real wood flooring in look and feel but offers additional benefits such as superior waterproof performance, wear resistance, and ease of installation.


Why is SPC Flooring Recently

  1. Economical Pricing: When compared to hardwood flooring or tiles, SPC flooring is relatively less expensive, offering a more budget-friendly option.
  2. Exceptional Waterproof Performance: With its excellent waterproof capabilities, SPC flooring can withstand moist environments and prevent floor damage.
  3. Durability and Wear Resistance: Constructed from a blend of stone powder and plastics, SPC flooring is capable of enduring daily wear and high-pressure impacts, ensuring longevity.
  4. Simple Installation: SPC flooring can be installed more easily than other flooring materials and can even be laid directly over existing floors, saving both time and expenses.
  5. Natural Wood Appearance: Designed to mimic the texture and color of genuine wood, SPC flooring offers a realistic and natural look.


Precautions When Purchasing

  1. Brand and Quality: With most SPC flooring being produced in China, the market features a wide range of brands and quality levels. It’s crucial to select a reputable company and trusted brand for a high-quality product.
  2. Installation Considerations: Special attention should be paid to the flatness of the subfloor when installing SPC flooring. Employing a self-leveling technique is recommended to avoid any issues with floor noise or joint damage post-installation.
  3. Wear Resistance: While SPC flooring is inherently tough, the typical UV coating on its surface is not entirely scratch-proof and offers less wear resistance than fiber flooring. Look for products with enhanced wear-resistant layers for improved flooring durability.
  4. Origins and Imported Goods: Many products purport to be international brands yet are domestically produced. For authentic imported goods, verify the clear source of origin, and consult the manufacturer’s website for product background details.
  5. Professional SPC Floor Underlay: For an improved sound insulation effect and floor protection, which enhances comfort, consider investing in a professional SPC floor underlay when purchasing SPC flooring.

Arbiton SPC with underlay

If your goal is to obtain high-quality SPC flooring, consider the Polish brand Arbiton HD Mineral Core® Floor, represented by Equal and made in Europe, with a transparent origin. Arbiton’s SPC floors showcase Titanium nano layer technology, boosting the floor’s wear resistance by approximately 30%. They also incorporate EIR synchronous natural texture technology for a more authentic surface texture.

Should you be interested in Arbiton’s SPC flooring, feel free to visit the Equal showroom for exploration and purchases. For more information on Arbiton’s offerings, visit the Arbiton HD Mineral Core® Floor website.

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