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Chevron Parquet

January 5, 2020

Chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern. The first use of this can be traced back to old pottery design in Knossos, Crete which dates back to the Bronze Age.

With its perfectly aligned pattern Chevron wood floor looks like a long string of straight arrows. It creates a distinguished look and a stylish atmosphere and is a design piece on its own.

Mafi chevron wood flooring parquet

Patterned wood floors are again relevant and are being installed by trendconscious property owners with a love of traditional craftsmanship, as well as interior designers to create an exciting break in the functional and purist look of modern architecture.

BOEN wood flooring oak chevron

We now offer Chevron in Oak Adagio, Oak Adagio white and Oak Animoso. Thanks to a classic tongue and groove connection, the strips can be laid securely. A micro bevel highlights the laying pattern.

BOEN wood flooring oak chevron BOEN wood flooring oak chevron

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